Who We Are

OCCEN works across Nigeria to promote democracy, human rights, peace building and social development project.

Our goal is to ensure that youth, women and communities have their voices heard in public policy debates/decisions, and provide a platform for constructive stakeholder engagement and building informed society.

For our core work, we:  

  • Train and support capacity building for youth activists on democracy and civic engagement.
  • Focus on strengthening citizens capacity to demand for political accountability from their leaders.
  • Support citizens’ participation in democratic governance process.
  • Work towards promoting women and girls. empowerment for improve reproductive health and livelihood.
  • Work to improve citizens access to information regarding government affairs and their civic duties.
  • Build and support networks of youth democracy drivers and women champions. 

Our Vision and Goal

OCCEN seeks a society that supports and encourages every citizen in his/her own capacity and aspirations, and places no limits on what they can offer for collective good and better society.

We pursue this vision through integrated approach, commitment to:

  • Public awareness that leads to informed understanding and involvement in democracy and human rights promotion.
  • Promotion of justice that seeks to change unjust structures affecting the local citizens.
  • Supporting development projects that are community-based and sustainable focused especially on the needs of poor and marginalized population.
  • Operating civic learning centers for young people to prepare them for their future roles and integration into mainstream society